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National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) constituted a Committee on Accreditation and Psychological Testing (CAPT), during 1st Quarter of 2009 in order to move towards establishing national levels standards, certifications and accreditations related to psychological testing.

CAPT will be a committee of NAOP and therefore will have to seek approvals from NAOP executive committee for making any major decisions.

Vision To establish NAOP as the apex professional body responsible for guarding and driving the professional standards and ethics related to psychological testing in India.

Mission The CAPT vision is to design and deliver and maintain a practical, efficient and cost effective model of certifications and accreditations for promoting competent and ethical use of tests and for enforcing professional standards in psychological testing and allied activities in India.

After Kayla, a teenage girl at Stellas church, surprised Stella by making her wish of going to Disney World come true, Stella saw a need and a whole new wish was to her heart.

Stellas new wish was to have a foundation which granted wishes for adults 18 who were diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer.

To honor the final wish of his wife, Don Czerniewski began Stellas Wish Foundation in February 2008.

In her memory and her making a difference in so many lives, Stellas Wish Foundation wants to reach and touch as many lives as possible.

Since its beginning, Stellas Wish has granted more than wishes and the number continues to grow.

Stellas Wish Foundation is a non-profit foundation fully funded by sponsors, donors, and fundraisers.

We began granting wishes in Missouri, but thanks to our growing list of supporters and donors we are now able to grant wishes across the United States.

Professor Alex Morono is a mixed martial artist with Professional experience in MMA, kickboxing, boxing and submission grappling.